15 Groceries


Ayleth aka “The Orange Store” behind the bombaros (fire station) has its own parking lot across the street. Has a good meat counter and lots of fresh produce. Frequented by gringos.

Paola’s on Ice House Road is small and extremely clean and has possibly the best produce. Mostly Mexican clientele but more and more often frequented by gringos.

Penguino’s at the triangle is frequented by Mexicans and probably has the best prices. Look in coolers for daily fish catch.

Saul’s Tienda has lots of gringo stuff especially around the holidays including real American butter and cream. They have a good wine and liquor selection.


A new store south of the speed bump has poor produce but a good selection of sundries. Meats, including whole chickens, are in the icebox at the back of the store.

Pescadero: Across the street up the hill is the Pescadero which has the best prices on fish. Don’t be intimidated, just walk up and take a look.

A couple miles down across from the Pemex is another small tienda with basics and a restaurant.

Across from El Burro is a tiny Tienda run by Bertha and that’s it until Loreto.


A lot of people make the hour+ drive south to Loreto or north to Santa Rosalia to the Super Ley for serious grocery shopping. In Loreto there is a “deli” with lots of gringo food, and a bulk food place, too. More info soon!


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