6 km 108 – Playa El Burro

Playa El Burro is a private community on the north end of the beach with RVs and tents on the south end. It offers great swimming, kayak rentals, and boating, and the dolphins and whale sharks like to hang out there.


When you turn into El Burro, follow the signs to find Eduardo, a Baja longtimer who can rent you a palapa and a kayak plus fishing, boating, snorkeling, and diving tours.

Eduardo's at Playa El Burro, Bahia Concepcion, Photo by Carla King
Eduardo’s at Playa El Burro

Pepe’s (formerly Bertha’s)

Pepe’s, which used to be Bertha’s (Facebook), is on the beach at the north end of Burro, with indoor dining and a full bar. Along with several other restaurants in the area, they offer movie night, music, and special events.

Across the street, next to the estación de bomberos (fire station) is Juan Carlos’, aka JCs (Facebook), with outdoor seating, a full bar, movie night, music, and special events, not to mention outstanding oysters once a week and a once-monthly lamb curry concocted by a local Brit named Alex.

Estrella del Mar

Just a bit further south is Estrella del Mar (Facebook) with indoor dining, a full bar, and which shares the rounds of music, movie night, and other events, with the other restaurants.

Bertha’s store

Next door to Estrella del Mar by the Tecate sign is Bertha’s tienda, a little store with basics, food, and beer, with the actual Bertha presiding. Note that this is the only store between Mulegé and Loreto.

Why Burro?

Playa El Burro is a perfect place to chill out for motorcyclists, bicyclists, and other travelers who aren’t carrying a lot of stuff and want to stop and swim, kayak, see the whale sharks and just sit on the beach and chill. They get here and fall immediately in love with Bahía Concepción, hit with that “Geez, I am really here to relax into the Baja experience instead of frantically trying to see everything.”

Spinner dolphins frolic in the bay. Photo by Carla King
Spinner dolphins frolic in the bay.

Many who stop here never make it further south and are perfectly happy with that decision. Eduardo’s camping and kayak rentals, the restaurants, and the store make it very convenient.

Playa El Coyote | km 107

El Coyote Bay is, along with El Burro, a favorite place for dolphins and whale sharks to hang out. The north end of Playa El Coyote (Facebook) is a private community with locked gates and no public access from the road. But there’s camping on the south end for RVs, tents, and a spot under a tree that always seems to be populated with bicycle adventure travelers. Outhouses and vendors are the only amenities.

Snorkeling with Baby Whale Shark at El Coyote Bay - Photo by Jonathan Ehly
That’s me and a baby whale shark at El Coyote Bay. Yes… that’s just a little baby!


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