2 km 114 – Playa Santispac

Playa Santispac is the first beach you see from Highway 1 south of Mulegé and the view never fails to stun me with its blue expanse dotted with islands and the mountains of the peninsula beyond, so close and yet so very far away. It’s no wonder most turn in and set up camp. There are lots of RVs parked for the season on the west end of the beach with quieter tent camping on the east end. It’s a nice swimming beach, and there’s a popular hike on the flat terrain around the peninsula. Locals will rent you kayaks and take you out on boats to fish, clam, and say hi to the dolphins and whale sharks.

There are two restaurants: Armando’s and Anna’s. If you’re tired of tortillas and are craving a salad, go to Armando’s and order the “Salad Darcy” (fresh greens with shrimp) or “Salad Rick” (fresh greens with shrimp wrapped in bacon), named for a gringo couple who live on the beach.

Biker at Armando's at Santispac - photo by Carla King
Everybody seems to stop at Armando’s. Here’s a biker with his classic Harley.

A mangrove estuary at the south end of the beach is fantastic for bird watching. Kayak in at high tide to find dozens of nesting Great Blue Herons and some Snowy Egrets stalking the small fish that are trapped there.


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